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If you haven’t seen it already, it recently popped up on TMZ – a Jordan-LeBron card sold for $900,000.

$900,000 for the Jordan-LeBron 1 of 1 card with pieces of their game-worn jerseys embedded in it.

I’m telling you, the culture of sports cards is here. It’s back. It’s being driven by 3 main things:

  1. People who are into sports betting putting their money into sports cards (you could pull a $100,000 Zion in a pack of cards).
  2. Parents who used to buy and sell sports cards in the 80s (who are getting their kids into it now).
  3. Kids who flip sneakers are getting into sports cards (since they’re able to get them in higher volume compared to sneakers).

If you love sports betting … if you love fantasy sports … if you think you know something about a rookie … if you want to bet long term and buy classics the time is now.

The culture’s happening. Don’t miss out.

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