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Kindness is the biggest strength in business and in life — I hope you use these kindness quotes as reminders to deploy more empathy and generosity every single day!

1. “Kindness is not debatable”

To me, there’s no debate that kindness is a strength. And it breaks my heart to know that so many people believe it’s a weakness.

So many people are afraid that other people will take advantage of their kindness or make them feel “used.”

But the truth is, those who take advantage of your kindness are weak on the inside. Feel bad for them, don’t let them make you feel bad about yourself.  


2. “Genuine kindness is the ultimate strength”


People who are truly kind have the ultimate leverage. If you give without expectation of getting anything in return, you’ve won.

I’m not worried about people “using me” or “taking advantage” of me. When someone takes advantage of my kindness, I just feel bad for that person. I feel bad that they feel the need to step on someone else for them to “get theirs.”

3. “Once you are happy for people instead of envious, you can start the process of getting to a happy place.”

There’s so much happiness and abundance in the world! I’m always so happy for other people when they win because it’s not coming out of my pocket. I’m going to “get mine” regardless.


4. “Kindness and Good always win when the clock hits 0:00”

Being “kind”, “good”, and caring is how you leave a legacy.

It’s why kindness is one of my biggest values. I want the admiration. Sometimes people can get away with bad behavior in the short term, but kindness and positivity will always win the game.

5. “Nice guys finish last? Where? It’s just not true. Nice guys might be losing at halftime, but they win the game. Nice guys always win.”

The problem is, so many people just look at who’s winning in the first and second quarter. They just look at who’s leading at halftime.

But in the macro, if you’re kind, you’ll be rewarded. You’ll win. Someone is always watching.

6. “Nice guys don’t finish last, bad guys posing as nice guys do.”

Most people who think that “kindness is a weakness” or “kindness doesn’t work” are giving with expectation. When your “kindness” is loaded with “ask” on the back end, people can smell it from a mile away.

If you’re using your kindness as disguise to get what you want from the relationship, you will lose.

7. “Being nice is ROI positive.”

A funny thing happens when you give without expectation.

A lot of good things start coming back to you.

Kindness is unbelievably ROI positive in business. But the problem is, a lot of companies don’t realize this. They get caught up in maximizing 90-day numbers at the expense of how their employees are treated.

That’s why so many companies lose long term.


8. “I want kindness, empathy, and gratitude to become ‘cool’ instead of putting cash to your ear or having ‘ice’ on your wrist.”

My ultimate ambition is to make empathy, gratitude, patience, and kindness “cool.” I want people to look at those those traits as “alpha male” characteristics.

I want kids to aspire to be kind instead of aspiring to be the type of person who flashes fancy stuff on Instagram.

9. “I want 100% kindness and empathy throughout my organization.”

I sent an email to all employees at my company about kindness and why it matters it so much.  

Kindness is super important to me, especially when it comes to the work environment I create for my employees.

10. “One of the biggest reasons I act like a big shot is because I want kids to become fans of me, That way, I can become the ‘shield’ for them to have confidence to do good things, not bad things.”

If kids think I’m “cool”, they won’t be talking about Ferraris and gold watches. They’ll be talking about hard work, humility, empathy, and kindness.

So many kids feel pressure from their parents and from society to “win” at an early age. And because of that, they resort to short term behaviors might lead to “success” at a young age, but damages their reputation in the long term. They’ll hurt their chances of long term success because they’re chasing short term wins. 

I want kids to point to me and use me as their “shield” that gives them confidence to push against their parents and society go all in on what they want to do.

11. “99% of people have good, positive moments in their lives and they never think to share that on Facebook or Twitter. Yet, the second somebody cuts them off the road, the cashier is slow, or they don’t like what’s going on in politics, they get nasty. We need to make positivity and kindness louder.”

We need to make a commitment to making positivity louder.

The people who are the loudest right now are the most negative, and that tricks people into believing that the world actually is more “bad” than “good.”

Truth is, it’s an incredible time to be alive right now, and we all need to do a better job of being “loud” about it.

12. “Kindness required.”


13. “I think the best managers have caring, kind, empathetic personalities.”

A lot of people think of leadership qualities as “paternal” — qualities like being aggressive or stern. I think of them as more “maternal.” I think the best managers have caring, empathetic, kind personalities.  

14. “Kindness builds emotional capital.”

If you make a commitment to giving 51% of the value in the relationship, you will win. It’s just a smart thing to do, both in business and in life.

When you give a lot, you build a lot of emotional capital. You grow your reputation significantly. And the people you impacted will eventually come back and impact you.

15. “Kindness is always rewarded. Someone is always watching.”


If you’re deploying kindness to a person who’s not rewarding to right away, someone who watched that happen will notice the sort of person you are. And they’ll reward the kindness.

Even if you’re in a confined space with no one else around, the person who’s not returning your kindness might change in 15 years. And then, they’ll remember the sort of person you were. 

16. “Kindness over everything.”

Over money, over fame, over everything.

17. “Truth is, people who view kindness as a negative are just insecure themselves. You can only be kind if you feel like you’re coming from a place of leverage.” 

It’s easier to be kind when you’re happy on the inside. When you’re happy, you want everyone else to “get theirs” too. You don’t feel the need to drag other people down.

People who say that “kindness is a weakness” are just insecure themselves.

18. “It’s hard to be taken advantage of when you’re giving without expectation.”

This is one way to be happy no matter what.

The reason I’m always so pumped is even though I’m so generous is because I don’t expect anyone to come through for me. People can’t take advantage of me because I’m playing a different game.

19. “I’ve been pushing kindness more heavily than anything else. It’s a crucial part of the legacy I’m building.”

I want to build massive businesses and buy the Jets, but I want to do it while also being a good dude. I want to build the “biggest building” in town without tearing down anyone else’s building.

20. “The biggest issue for most is they see bad behavior get ahead in the short term. And because of that, they get tricked into thinking that’s how you win the whole game.”

Kindness is how you win the game of life.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😉