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On this episode we talk “guide life” with a very special guest!

Questions Answered on This Episode

  • 7:03 – Do you think big brands should sell directly to consumer?
  • 13:40 – The average amount of email someone gets is 147 per day. The average pieces of mail, 4 per day. Is it time to get back in the mailbox?
  • 19:03 – Do you see bots becoming big in the next 24 months? Microsoft and Facebook are heavily investing. Will bots become a tier 1 inbound channel?
  • 22:27 – Kobe Bryant score 60 in his last Lakers game! What can we learn about business from Kobe? Thoughts on his legacy?

Guest List

  • Brad Grossman (bradgro)
  • India’s Mom

Resources from This Episode

  • To purchase Brad Grossman’s Zeitguide please visit
    For a discount, use coupon code: #ASKGARYVEE
    $17.99 for digital version
    $35.98 for print version

Question of the Day

  • 26:53 – With all these innovations and disruptions, if you had to think of the perfect job you’d want to have in the near future or in the longterm, what do you think it should be? What do you want to be now and what do you think you’ll want to be in the future?