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Marketing Planning: Substance Matters

By January 2, 2015No Comments1 min read

It’s funny how people approach their businesses and the marketing they put behind them. In my opinion, people spend all this time planning all these great things they’re going to do with their business, but when the time comes to execute, they’re nowhere to be found. It’s almost like wedding planning and marriage.

I think that most of us spend more time and put more effort into planning our weddings then we do actually executing on the marriage itself. It might sound ridiculous, but think about it. We get so fixated on the pretty things – all those things that will make us look great to to the outside world – but when you look under the hood, there’s nothing there of substance or value. And that’s exactly what I think modern business owners are doing. They’re focusing on too much sizzle, without putting the effort into building the steak.