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If you are confused by some of what I say on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, iTunes, Medium etc. you should read this article on why mindset matters.

Everyday I put out content around the 25-47 themes I continually express. I’m always talking about gratitude, empathy, self-awareness, legacy, hustle, humility, and everything else. 

I put out content on patience and perspective and process, and produce articles, tweets and photos about 400 Trillion to 1, 0% of 0 is 0 and the clouds and the dirt 😉

I often express ideas in a macro-perspective that don’t always capture the nuance of every argument.

Sometimes I get feedback that reminds me of the idiosyncrasies that are difficult to convey in the moment which is what I want to clear up.

And the truth is, I really want to focus on the #mindset.

focus on the #mindset.

Obviously there is no way for one person to address ALL of the “would be” and “what if” scenarios and exceptions to every rule that make these statements seem odd… but 9 times out of 10, I am trading on the mindset that tries to articulate some truth.

I do believe at the most macro level, what I am trying to express and how I communicate is predicated on a specific mindset.

Obviously I have enormous respect and empathy for the details and counter-arguments to what I say.. And I am enormously aware of the exceptions to many of these expressions that have some people in my community occasionally confused.

I have complete understanding that what I’m saying doesn’t always encompass everyone’s specific circumstances and want to acknowledge that I am doing the best that I can.

At its most basic form, I want to use some of these ideas and expressions to further the conversation or allow someone to experience the personal unlock to see things differently or with a different perspective. I just want you to look at the bright side and to the best of my ability, inspire others to have access to another mindset that I have found valuable in my own life. As a practitioner of these ideas, I am trying to give you advice that has worked for me.

The reason I differentiate my content is so that I can have greater articulation on a number of specific issues. With video you get to hear what I’m saying which is always improvised and only captures my thoughts in a single moment.

One of the things I find most fascinating is that even though I document “everything” you still only get to see 1-2% of what’s really going on.

You are hearing one sentence in one meeting during one single day. The funny thing is the vlog I produce is only 15 minutes of my 15 hours of work! All in all, you actually don’t see that much.

So the reason why I do a podcast and a vlog and quotes on Instagram and produce these articles is so that I can give the most nuance to my ideas and respect the creative differences of each platform.

Quotes on Instagram might not always capture the full story, which is why I write articles to expand on those ideas and go deeper into the details.

You have to analyze context and look at the bigger picture. I am always trying to assess what works in culture and deploy my creative in a way that makes sense for the context of the room I’m in. Currently quotes on Instagram really work! They are one piece of the puzzle and can have enormous impact for what I would consider the most “motivational” side of me that you see.

The vlog, podcast and articles are where I can get a lot more tactical about what I am trying to convey. I can’t write 10 pages on Legacy and put it on Twitter… and I also can’t always articulate all of my thoughts in a keynote, rant or meeting.   

Those nuances and that context is really, really important.

A lot of people want to judge me and make assessments on the single piece of content they see… but the truth is.. it’s all about context. You have to watch my videos and read my articles and listen to my keynotes to really understand my tweets or quotes or 2 minute videos online. (Or obviously and this is super important... you don’t because you have other priorities and things to do!) but you get the point 😉

That’s where the message is… That’s where the “mindset” comes into play.

I think of it like a great meal at a restaurant. It’s not just about the steak and the sides. It’s the quality of the service from end to end. It’s every single little detail that you don’t see. From the hostess’s welcome, to the dry-cleaned rug. It’s the quality of the plates and the temperature of the food. It’s the music and ambience and decor. It’s the champagne selection and curated wines. It’s the color of the linens. It’s the smile of the wait staff who amplify the experience. It’s the appetizer and the aperitif. It’s the entree and the delicious dessert. It’s the call we give you 1 week later to thank you for your visit 🙂 … These are the details that make your experience whole.

The same thing can be said for my content. The steak and the sides are only as good and as important as the environment.

The details are what make the difference.

The bottom line is real simple. I’m trying to be here every day for everybody and bring value to you guys so that all of you can feed off of my energy and optimism, and find strength in my communication style in order to instill confidence in you, or give you courage.

That feels like an incredible opportunity for me to give back to the game that’s been so good to me. I know I’m not perfect, but I am doing my best. I have a level of gratitude and probably some level of guilt of how good my DNA is, and how great my circumstances were which has defaulted me into this state of mind.

I was blessed by being an immigrant and coming from nothing and having so much charisma and hunger and a chip on my shoulder that made me driven to succeed. So anything I can do through documenting, through my live streams, through my five Instagram posts a day, through my books, articles and tweets that can make a difference or provide a different voice from the negative voices around you, whether that be the negative voice that’s in your head, or whether that negative voice is coming from your parents, or your coworkers or friends or girlfriend’s boyfriend… That’s it.

That’s what I wan’t to give you.

My content is a mindset because I think the whole thing, life, business, entrepreneurship, is a one or zero, black or white. It’s very binary. You’re either optimistic and on the offense or your pessimistic and on defense.

And so for the people looking for the vulnerability in a blanket statement, I understand.  

I don’t get upset, or frustrated when people look for the vulnerability in a blanket statement. In fact I expect it, enjoy it and use it to learn! 

My content’s not mundane or vanilla or neutral. Sometimes it digs deep and stirs emotions. I am trying to suffocate excuses. My mom lost her mom at 5. She is the most optimistic person I know. She grew up in communist Russia. Her dad spent years in jail. She’s optimistic. She came to America with nothing and built a family.

I know there are people who have had it worse. But if anyone who has ever looked like you has been able to adopt a positive mindset and succeed, then it’s a real data point and a blueprint for you to consider that conversation.

It’s a mindset. It’s not looking for excuses, complaining or deciding to give up.

And there’s really an incredible thing that happens when you make the switch. I compare it to eating healthy. Let me tell you what happens when you do that. You get healthier. When you work out and eat good a funny thing happens, your body looks better. Well, what happens when you do that on your operating system AKA your brain?

What happens when you change your mindset?

It’s a big difference, and that’s the unlock I’m focusing on.  That’s what I want to convey. And sometimes I have to be harsh and direct and to the point. Please don’t get caught up. Consider the context and understand the intent.



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