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Ever wonder what many of the social media experts and real estate experts from the early 2000s are doing today?

A lot of them are the new experts in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

This is a key concept Gary talks about in his latest video “What a Modern-Day Business Education Looks Like.” Most people are just chasing the next big trend in business instead of taking the time to build actual expertise. They’re not taking time to learn their craft.

Succeeding over the long term means “holding your breath” and investing for tomorrow even if it creates less money today.

He recently led a business education and strategy session in Nashville, Tenn.

Below we have highlighted some of the most interesting moments from his 90-minute-plus master class video:

8:22 — “If you don’t go deep, then you’re scattered” is not true

13:09 — The real reason Amazon is winning today

21:56 — The scariest word of all time 

22:55 — Gary relays his sister’s real estate story and the counterintuitive strategy that’s helping her sell homes

43:46 — Gary answers, “My son hates college. What do I tell him?”

1:08:32 — What people are really doing when they claim they’re “bringing value”

Check out the full episode here