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I’m sitting here writing this article and I’m starting to find a little clarity. Starting to understand why this thing is so hard. This game of entrepreneurship. Shit, this game of life. It’s because the real answer is really found when you’re pulling from opposite directions. I’m sitting here wondering and I just return to the same question which is why? Why, why, why?

Why am I so blessed? Why is all this good stuff happening to me?

And it’s because I’m a contradiction. Because I’ve got this funny juxtaposition where I’m pulling from opposite directions. I don’t give a fuck what any of you think about me, yet I’ll read every comment and I’ll listen to everything all of you say about me, because I know that it matters.

I talk a fuck load. I’m always talking. I’m cutting people off, I’m loud. But I’m listening. I’m listening 24/7. I’m always patient. I’m playing the long game. But I’m always quitting things. Every day. Trying, testing, iterating, and reacting.

I’m not crippled by stopping-and-starting.

How did I figure that out? How do I understand when it’s time to give up on something, or when it’s time to persevere? How do I understand and how do I feel, and how do I decide, when to listen to somebody’s feedback, or to know when they’re trolling or when they don’t give a fuck and they are only seeing surface level? How is this happening?

How am I working 24/7/365, yet it doesn’t feel like I’m working? How am I always constantly putting out content and building my brand, yet never thinking about it and living my life? How am I documenting instead of creating? Where is this?

Where is this zen coming from? Where is this call to action coming from? Why is this plan working so well, and how, how do I get all you youngsters, and when I say youngsters, I mean the 59 year old who hasn’t grown up yet, who hasn’t been willing to look at the world to realize it’s all so true.

And it comes from this. It comes from the most macro. It’s clearing up for me. I’m starting to see it. It’s understanding that nobody gives a fuck. And that that’s okay, and that that’s the way it should be. I live on empathy. You shouldn’t give a fuck. You’ve got YOU to worry about. You’ve got your own life and dreams. I’m empathetic to that. That’s the game. And we’re all dealt with different cards. We’ve all got strengths and weaknesses. We’ve got the advantages and the disadvantages.

Plenty see white privilege. So do I. I see privilege in being from the streets and having zero and being hungrier. There’s so many different ways. And of course, some are better than others at the most macro. But I don’t even spend the time to figure that out, because by the time you figure out if it was fair, you’re fucking finished.

And so instead of that, I do. And I do, and I do. And I’m always planning and I’m not planning. And I’ve always got a game plan and strategy, and I never do.

I’m just going off the hip, from intuition, from learned behavior, from pattern recognition, because I’ve been doing this from the get. When I was twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, I knew. I did. It’s why I got those shit grades.

Shout out to everybody who saw that report card on Instagram. You know, it’s what I do. And so as I sit here and lay and look and think and debate, and look out at the market, and listen to this music, and write this article it’s becoming clearer.

2017 could be a great year. Not just for me, but for you. Because as I find clarity, I’m gonna suffocate negativity, I’m gonna suffocate excuses. If you’re gonna be in my community, you’re gonna give up and leave if you want to believe in those things, because I’m gonna pound it, push it, press it harder than I ever have before.

Because the truth is, I’m thankful, I’m grateful, I’m working for myself 24/7, for my goals, my ambitions, and I’m also working on your goals and your ambitions 24/7. That’s pulling from opposite directions. That’s what I do. That’s what I do harder, stronger, and better than anybody else. It’s the Honey empire bitches. Building the biggest building of all time.

The biggest best business of all time, like a fucking tortoise. Like a slow fucking tortoise. Chip away, every day, underestimated the entire way. I have my fans who are delusional, and I got the rest of the majority of the market that doesn’t think I can get it. That doesn’t see the behavior. Because they’re thinking 2017. They’re thinking 2019. They’re thinking 2021. I’m thinking life, bitches. I’m thinking motherfucking life.

And so I promise my community, the people that are reading this right now, you’ve given me the greatest gift of all. You keep your $500 master classes. You keep your $5000 masterminds. You keep your $97 ebooks. You keep that in your pocket and you do you. Your gift to me is so much greater: Your attention and your word of mouth. Every time you tag somebody in my comments on Instagram, every time you share my story on Snapchat, every time you post and share on Facebook, means the world to me. Every retweet means the world to me. That means you’re putting me on. You’re cosigning this journey. And for that, I will never take you for granted. I love you.

Happy 2017.

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