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 It’s 2017. Keep grinding. Keep hustling. You know all the cliché shit, but most of all, figure yourself out.

 Everybody’s trying to make you fix all your shortcomings, fuck your shortcomings.

Triple down on your strengths. What do you want? Whatever it may be, you need to reverse engineer your ambition and go get it.

It’s basic.

Do you care about what other people think? Then you’re vulnerable right then and there.

I just think everybody’s lost perspective, so I’m trying to rewind them back to be more grateful.

It’s gratitude! It’s one life, one at bat, one time. I just don’t want to see that regret in my eyes that I see in so many.

You just have to know yourself. You have to deploy self-awareness. You’re going to have to start paying attention to what you do well and start spending all of your time on what you’re good at instead of spending all of your time on what you’re bad at.

If you want something, go fucking get it, but you need to make a decision today!

Are you going to finally eat shit and do something about it?

This is 26 years in the making, a whole lot of losing along the way, but learning my craft.

Are you going to make pretend you’re a business person because it feels nice or are you going to become a business person?

Eating shit for a decade and doing it for yourself is good for you.

Do you actually know what the fuck you’re doing? Are you actually putting in the work? Do you really want this that bad or do you want to make it look like you want it that bad?

You only get to live this life one time. Once.

One very smart thing a lot of you youngsters can do is go volunteer at a nursing home or go hang out with people that are 70, 80, 90, like your grandparents or your great-grandparents.

The number one thing they’ll tell you is they regret the things they didn’t do, so try.

What are you waiting for?

Just because somebody’s going to make fun of you on your YouTube video, you’re not going to care in three, four, five, six years, but what you might have left on the table was the thing that would’ve changed your life.

It’s time. Go do!

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