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Ever since I started talking publicly about NFTs, I’ve been extremely vocal about how I believed this space would be a total game changer for artists. Now, I’m announcing a brand new show to highlight some of the emerging talent that I’m excited for the world to meet. Introducing, “DNA with GaryVee,” — “Discover New Artists” — a new Twitter Spaces series dedicated to highlighting new creators in the NFT space! 

Starting this show is important to me for several reasons. First, I’m extremely excited about how non-fungible tokens have shifted our ideas about what art is and what it can be. From Beeple’s groundbreaking sale of his digital artwork to the auction of my own VeeFriends drawings at Christie’s, it’s becoming clearer and clearer to more people that NFTs are here to stay and that they’re revolutionizing the art world as we’ve known it. NFTs are also changing the rules about who gets to be called an artist. Just like social media created the platform for many people to become personalities, influencers, and experts, the NFT landscape is making room for everyday teachers, gardeners, salespeople and more to feed into their creative sides and explore careers in art that they may have never considered. 

Second, IP ownership within the NFT space is creating more opportunities for artists than ever before. With artists continuing to get royalties from the resale of their digital works, creators are more empowered to make money in a way that I think will legitimize art as a practical life and career path in the eyes of parents, skeptics, and the world. 

Finally and most importantly, the NFT space is just full of so much creativity and talent that genuinely gets me excited. Like with sports cards and garage sales, I love digging to find the gems. With NFTs, that has meant searching through Twitter threads, Discord channels, and NFT marketplaces and coming across cool art from independent artists. It’s important to me to support up-and-coming artists who haven’t yet gained traction, and just to be kind and use my platform to bring them some attention. It makes me happy any time I can find a dope piece of work and put more people onto it. 

What to Expect from “DNA with GaryVee”

The new show is called DNA for “discover new artists,” and will be all about discovering new artists that I subjectively find exciting in the NFT space! Similar to the VeeFriends Pre-Launch Program, my hope is to give a little boost to emerging creators and to get the NFT community as a whole talking about what’s new and interesting in art. 

Show format

DNA with GaryVee will be a series hosted exclusively on Twitter Spaces that I’m gonna try to do pretty consistently. It’ll be a 30-minute show. For the first 15 minutes, I’ll introduce listeners to an emerging artist that I am personally excited about or who I just think is doing cool shit. We’ll get to know them, their art, and shoot the shit. For the next 15 minutes, I’ll do a Q&A around the overall NFT space to continue to bring you guys some more macro value with input from my guests. 

This is something I’m super hyped about and I can’t wait to introduce the world to some amazing talent! DNA with GaryVee, Twitter Spaces…don’t miss out! 

Catch the First Episode 

That being said, the first episode of DNA with GaryVee premieres tomorrow, Tuesday, November 16th at 9:40pm EST with an artist I can’t wait for you all to meet! 

Join us here to tune in. I hope to meet you there!