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I wanted to create some context and clarity on my point of view on buying a home.

Context is what I believe in most, and sometimes it can get lost in the Instagram clips I post or my showmanship on stage.

Here’s a more complete picture of what I think about the American dream, and buying a home in your 20s – 40s.

Buying a home might have been a great idea for most people many decades ago. Maybe it worked in the 50s and 60s (like college). The problem is, it’s 2019 now. Things aren’t necessarily the same as they used to be.

If you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s and you’re entrepreneurially minded like I am, I don’t think the best strategy for you is to buy a home.

We live in a culture now where it’s normal to liquidate most or all of your net worth to put a down payment on a home. Instead of that, I believe more entrepreneurs should continue renting for longer, and use that up front capital to go on the offense in their business. There are just much better ways to use that money instead of putting it towards a down payment — if you’re entrepreneurial.

If you rent instead of buy, you could take that $20,000 – $200,000 down payment and put it to work in ads or in your business. You could use that capital to grow more aggressively.

With the way Instagram ads are underpriced right now, I almost wish I didn’t own a home so I could spend more money on ads.

Once you go on the offense using that capital, you could buy your home later at 39, 42, or 52 years old. I have a funny feeling that home would be a lot nicer, and also wouldn’t take them away from the opportunities that you want to pursue.

Too many entrepreneurial people in their 20s – 40s are taking cash out of their business to put towards buying a home, and it’s limiting the amount of success and happiness they could have.

I’m not saying that “no one should buy a home” or that buying a home is a “bad investment.” It could very well be a great investment. I also don’t think that my opinion on what a small percentage of Americans should do with their money would impact the value I always try to bring to realtors and agents in the real estate industry. 

I just think that people who want to go on the offense should use their capital to do that.

Here’s a video where I talk more about this in detail: