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Hey guys. Overrated/Underrated is one of my favorite content series, and so I thought why not bring the latest episode blog-side? If you keep up with me on Instagram or YouTube, you already know the deal. If not, the rules are simple. DRock throws me a topic and I have to decide whether that person, place, or thing is overrated, underrated, or properly rated. 

We’ve got some pretty hot takes in this one, so I hope you enjoy! Whether you agree or disagree with my opinion, I want to know about it. Get those Twitter-fingers ready 😉



Fortnite. The 2017 online video game currently played by millions of people – and the verdict is…

Fortnite is underrated. I will go to the grave saying that Fortnite will probably have two more spike moments in its culture. I’m predicting it right now: the reboot of Fortnite in 21 years in VR. Smash hit.  

Anything white-hot for over 18 months can always be recalled as nostalgia. That’s why I think Fortnite is underrated right now. People think it’s declining, but I see the longer tail.

Mac Miller

This is an easy one…wildly underrated. Mac Miller was an incredible artist and a devastating loss to the culture. I was a fan and remain one today. Rest in peace, Mac. 

Coding & Programming

Ten years ago, coding and programming was wildly underrated. Now, with more and more parents pushing their kids into it, there are more people doing it, it’s respected properly, it’s compensated properly, and it’s fundamental to society. 

Fast and Furious Franchise

This is gonna be an emotional one for a lot of people out there, but I gotta go with overrated. I know it’s epic and The Rock and Vin Diesel are in it…but overrated. I’m ready for the comments on this one 😉

S&P 500

I don’t do a lot of Wall Street stuff and this isn’t financial advice, but I’ll say I think S&P 500 is overrated. In light of everything going on with technology nowadays, I think there are a lot of other ways to do more interesting, even safer betting than the historic nature of investing like the S&P 500 and things in that lane. As we see more happening with crypto, alternative investing, and people building their own businesses, I just think I gotta go with overrated on this one. 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The Rock is MASSIVELY underrated, especially now that he’s putting out a sitcom based on wrestling – I’m incredibly fired up. I think Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds are two individuals on earth that I admire and understand very well. They’re incredibly talented in film and TV acting, they’re very thoughtful, nice, and they’re real entrepreneurs building real businesses. Going straight to the moon.


Millennials catch a lot of flack, but I gotta say they’re underrated. First of all, to all the “greatest generation” folks out there – looking at you, Boomers 👀 – YOU raised the millennials. So if you think they’re entitled, you created the entitlement ecosystem they exist in! Boomer parents complain to me about their millennial kids all the time because of my content, but I’m gonna have their back on this one. Underrated!


Ikea is underrated because they have incredible execution, plenty of serviceable stuff; people love going there just for the experience of it. 


I know the comments are gonna light up with this one. Napping is OVERRATED. What the fuck are you doing napping at 4pm? 🤔 People love a good nap, but I’m just not on board. 

1999 Pokemon Charizard Holo 1st Edition

This is a million dollar card, right here. Pokemon is an IP that sits at the highest level, so, the greatest Pokemon card in the world at the greatest condition? Definitely underrated. 


I gotta go with…properly rated. Here’s what I would say. I love the chicken nuggets from 20 years ago so much that I can’t breathe. They’ve made them healthier over the years, but I like the bad stuff. Delicious. 


WILDLY underrated – I could live on ceviche. All kinds of ceviche, gimme a little jalapeño and I’m good. 


Another one that’s easily underrated. Anyone who doesn’t understand the power and impact of Twitch as a platform isn’t getting it. 


While I don’t use Robinhood personally, I know it was incredibly underrated for a lot of people recently. Then, everyone got mad at it with the GameStop situation…I don’t have a good enough lead on it, so I gotta go with properly rated.

Rosé Wine

As a whole? Overrated. Now, Empathy Rosé is the shit 😏 but overall, rosé is too hyped right now. I’m gonna give it slightly overrated. There are so many epic $20 white wines that people are not discovering right now because everyone’s looking for rosé. 

New Balance

I like New Balances – underrated. 

Taco Tuesday

Who doesn’t like a good taco? Let’s go with properly rated – don’t even have to think about it. 🌮


Underrated. Fiverr is a very good platform, especially for a lot of entrepreneurs. 

Record Labels


Dua Lipa

Properly rated. 

AJ Vaynerchuk

AJ is underrated, and here’s why. I know that competitiveness is the secret. It’s what allows people like Tom Brady and Michael Jordan to exist. I have it, and it’s obvious; AJ has it equally, and it’s not obvious. So, I think he’s underrated for his competitiveness because I know that’s the secret ingredient to the whole fucking game. AJ is a good man!

Rubik’s Cube

I’m gonna go with underrated for one reason. During an episode of AskGaryVee, Logic sat down with me and solved a Rubik’s Cube in like 3 seconds. To this day, I still love that. Also, my cousin Bobby, who I love very much and who I worked with every day at Wine Library, was the first person I ever saw do a Rubik’s Cube. Shoutout to Bobby. 

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most capitalistic, manufactured holiday to come out of thin fucking air. That brilliance alone makes it underrated. 


Are you kidding me? Jay-Z is underrated. Hip-hop is as important to society as it gets, which means it’ll be around forever, and Jay-Z is one of the 5-15 most important humans to ever be involved in it. He’s a business icon; somebody who is in his 50s right now that is as cool as anybody in society if he walks in the room. That’s pretty fucking cool. Underrated. 

That brings us to the end of last week’s Over/Under. Check out the full episode below and if you have any strong opinions on any of my ratings, shoot me a comment on Instagram or tag me on Twitter