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In episode 295 of AskGaryVee, I talk with Scooter Braun — the music mogul behind Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Martin Garrix.

Scooter is one of my top five contemporaries that I really admire for a lot of reasons. He’s completely crushed in business, culture, and most importantly, he’s just a good human being.

Super excited up to share this conversation with you.

Here’s what we talk about:

Scooter talks about being raised by immigrant parents and how that affected him

How Scooter broke into the music business

The moment Scooter knew he had to sign Justin Bieber

How luck plays a big part in success

The best way to get noticed by A&Rs and record labels  

How to find partners in entrepreneurship and new friendships

What to look for in an employee

Here’s what’s got me excited about this episode:

— We both talk about how we’re the product of two wonderful parents, and how parenting played such a big role in our success.

— I believe that you’re only as good as your last at-bat. Scooter pushes me on this, and we talk about balancing that mindset with not judging yourself for failing.

— I’ve never been a big fan of the word “luck”, but it does play a role in success. We talk about how luck helped Scooter blow up his music career.

— Scooter talks about how important it is to surround yourself with people who are grinding for the same things you are. Helping your peers win is the best way to have a killer network in 10 years. There’s enough for everybody, nobody else’s win is coming out of your pocket! 

— I needed to go to a very important meeting and had to run, but Scooter made me stay for one last call.  And we ended up handing out an internship offer and a car on the spot. Big moment for the AskGaryVee show 😉

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