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So, maybe you clicked this because you sell t-shirts, or band merch, or company merch. Maybe you have a whole apparel line. Here is the good news: all of the advice below applies to all of those scenarios. The tactics laid out here will be beneficial and help you drive sales through, all through social.

But before you get started…

Make sure you understand what it means to have an online presence in today’s world. Content is king, and social is the vehicle to make that happen. Here are some fast and easy guides to help you get started with that:

become a content empire.

give, with no expectation of return.

Got it? Good.

Now, how do you turn all that content into sales?

Step 1: Facebook dark posts

Facebook dark posts are incredibly interesting, especially if you are trying to sell any kind of niche product. Why? Because the targeting capabilities on that platform are insane. Facebook is sitting on an enormous amount of data that you can target against. For example, you can target people who are fans of Busted Tees or Threadless. Actually get into their feeds. It’s incredible. It creates an ultimate machine. At the moment, it gives you the ability to target like we’ve never seen before. They are the number one thing I recommend right away.

You can read a bunch of articles on them, but in the end, just get on Facebook and play around with them, use them, check them out. There is no substitute for just getting in there and figuring it out for yourself.

Step 2: Pinterest

Pinterest’s ad service isn’t getting the attention it deserves. At all.

I strongly advise you take a closer look at the page linked above, but essentially they will serve your pins featuring your product to people they think might be interested in buying. And that’s huge. On a platform where users opt in to follow themes, styles and trends as much as specific influencers, they are much more open to seeing a diverse range of content. Being able to place your pin in the middle of their feed in a way that feels natural and unobtrusive means a tremendous amount. Even if you don’t have the funds to use the ad product at the moment, it is crucial that you have a presence there and engage to build up that presence.

Step 3: Traditional digital

You probably weren’t expecting this, were you? Well, it’s still relevant to me. I like to pick on them because they are on their way out, but like I’ve said before many times: nothing is dead till it’s dead. If they are still working, they’re still working. Google AdWords. SEM. Maybe even some banner retargeting, because if your product is awesome, people will click.
When it comes down to it, however, Facebook dark posts are your big one. If you only have time to focus on one, make it Facebook.