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Starting a Social Media Account

By January 8, 2015No Comments2 min read

There’s a few ket tenants that have allowed me to be successful. I think social has so many hucksters on it, which tends to turn us off, but I actually think that when social is done right, it can be the most noble way to roll.

No matter what you’re building, a product that’s utilitarian or an entertainment business, I would argue that no matter what you’re doing, you should be focusing on being a media company first.

Through and through, I’m a salesman, but for all my salesmanship, I think about things a little backwards. I tend to think to myself, “how in the world can I provide so much value?” that I basically guilt people into buying what I’m selling.

Everyone’s treating social media like email marketing. Build a base and pound it. But nobody wants to be pounded.

Another thing is to stay on trends, such as Facebook dark posts. Using FB dark posts you can reach every single person on Facebook at scale, at costs that have never been seen before. It’s probably the most powerful ad product I’ve seen since I bought the word “wine” on Google for $.05 which was one of the tactics that helped me build my wine business.

Everybody is always too worried about width, when everything about business, about selling, is about depth.

This is part of a Q&A session I did with the students of Cornell Tech Program. For more, check out the playlist here.