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In this episode of the AskGaryVee show, I talk with Mark Brazil and Jeff Cole — founders of Ikonick, a motivational art canvas company.

There are so many people  fronting on Instagram these days acting like they’re winning in business, so it’s rare that I find young hustler entrepreneurs that are actually the real deal.  That’s why these two are so special to me — Mark and Jeff are legit.

In this episode, we talk about how Ikonick started, and how Jeff and Mark landed partnerships with Scooter Braun and myself by providing value for free. I think you’ll find their story inspiring 😉

Here’s what we talk about:

The surprising backstory of how Mark met Jeff met each other

Ikonick’s transition from free marketing to using paid ads

The challenge of hiring creative people and holding them to standard of output

Question: “How can I scale a physical therapy company?”

Question: “How do you find your motivation & keep yourself motivated?”

Question: “How are you planning to scale Ikonick?”

Question: “How do I scale my social media marketing business?”

Here are a few things that have me fired up about this conversation:

— Jeff and Mark have the craziest story of how they met. We dig into at the start of the episode.

— DRock and I sign a camera that we’re gonna sell on eBay for profit. Super fired up for this, and even more fired up for the person who buys it and sells it for an even bigger profit in 11 years 😉

— Jeff designed the VaynerSports logo for free, which led to a 15-minute meeting with me. And that led to the start of an incredible partnership.

— We talk about the importance of separating ideology from practicality when it comes to setting goals.

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