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Who is ready for the best live stream in book marketing history?

On February 23rd, from 10am – 6pm EST for 8 hours I will be holding a live streaming of the SUPER 8 event.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch the video below:

During and only during the Super 8 event, if you buy 8 books and send in your receipt to you will be entered to win a 1-hour solo-jam session with me. I’m currently accepting one hour jam sessions for 1,000 books … in other words you’ll be saving yourself a shit ton of book copies ?.  I will pull from a bucket of all printed out receipts and whose ever receipt I pull will be the lucky winner!

During this insane live stream I will be jamming with all of you, answering questions, having friends and guests come join and generally having the most ridiculous fun we’ve had on a live stream event!

So there you have it, set your reminder and get your ass in gear, because the Super 8 day is going to blow your face off!!

What: Super 8 live stream event

Where: EVERY live streaming platform

When: February 23rd 10am-6pm EST

Why: 8 Copies of the #AskGaryVee Book for a chance to jam solo with me

Check out the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Do books have to be purchased in multiples of eight?

No, but we only count sets of eight to be entered into the drawing. For example, bought 8 books? You get one receipt entered. Bought 25 books? You get entered in thrice. 😉

Do I have to purchase the books during the live stream event to qualify?

Nope. If you have purchased books before the event, just send in your receipt.

Do I have to buy the books from a particular book seller?

Yes… only receipts from Amazon qualify for the event.

I bought the audio book, does that count?

Sorry, but only the physical, hard-cover version counts.

Where do I send my receipts?

Send them to!

Do I have to watch all 8 hours to qualify to win the grand prize?

No, but you might miss out on some surprise guests and other random prizes…

What if I live outside of the US? Can I still win?

Anyone in continental North America qualifies for a trip to New York. If you’re outside of North America, we’ll find a way to meet up. 😉

When will you pick the winner?

I will pull the grand-prize winner around the end of the live stream (6:00pm EST).

Where can I watch the live stream?

You can watch the stream on my Facebook Page, Periscope (@garyvee), and Meerkat (@garyvee).