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Hi everyone, this is Team GaryVee! 

Whenever we are looking to hire, the most frequently asked question is “Are you hiring internationally?” And now, for the first time ever, the answer is now YES! 

We are looking for kind, ambitious, talented, curious individuals who know Gary’s content like no other and are driven experts of social media! If you’re ready to dominate and are confident in your abilities to bring impact and add value to Gary’s brand, keep reading. 

Below are our open positions and links to apply! 

Team GaryVee Post Creative Strategist

What is a PCS?


  • Understands the pulse of Gary Vaynerchuk and Team GaryVee’s community.
  • Ongoing monitoring of brand’s social channels & relevant online conversations looking for highest impact opportunities to engage (including proactive identification of conversations & communities strategically and creatively relevant for the brand).
  • Continuous active listening by responding to comments, responses, DM’s, etc. in a meaningful way, focused on a positive social experience.
  • Analyze brand and cultural signals to fuel creative output for Team GaryVee.
  • Lead surprise & delight initiatives across social channels.
  • Going beyond basic tracking to analyzing and drawing hypotheses, including providing regular observations + recommendations on the next steps.
  • Seek opportunities to insert the brand in social conversation, whether around relevant trending topics/news or engaging with social influencers/celebrities/other brands.

Team GaryVee PCS Apply HERE

Team GaryVee Creator

  • Uses and creates on social media daily
  • Has an ability to make relevant content across all platforms and has extraordinary skills in at least one if not all of these: design, video editing, social media copywriting 
  • Videography or design education OR equivalent relevant experience, all applicants will be asked to provide recent content examples from social media accounts
  • Shows a demonstrable passion, curiosity and experience in making creative content on social media platforms – Tweets, TikTok videos, Instagram visuals, Youtube edits
  • Proficient in one or many of the Adobe Creative Suite programs and eager to continue to learn and evolve in other efficient and effective ways to make social first content: Adobe Creative Suite, mobile creator apps and in app editing (Instagram story creation, TikTok editing etc.) 
  • Responsible, accountable, deeply passionate about their own personal interests and hobbies, and of course kind, compassionate and empathetic because you love the magic of collaboration

Team GaryVee Creator Apply HERE


This is a rolling admissions process. We want to encourage qualified and interested applicants to apply to show your interest. When the hiring need arises, we will reach out to you for next steps, which will be a timed content creation challenge.  We appreciate your interest and patience.