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Let’s cut to the chase: want to know the quickest way to get me to fire you?

Be a jerk to your coworkers.

The number one thing that I judge with my employees is how they interact with other employees. Period. Let me tell you why this is so crucial to the running of my businesses.

Everyone excels at different interactions when it comes to a work place. Some people are great at client relations, but maybe have a bit more trouble with the day to day around the office. Others are fantastic at communicating between departments, but can’t do the big board meeting.

And I am okay with all of that. I always tell people to bet on their strengths, instead of worrying about their weaknesses. Whatever your best form of communication is, whatever you can bring to the table, focus on that. Be great at it. If everyone is doing amazing work in their respective areas of the company, good shit happens.

But if you can’t treat people with the utmost respect, or your team doesn’t love working with you, that is where I draw the line.

disrespect is something I will never tolerate in a business

Managing styles don’t bother me; people have to figure out their own cadence when it comes to the day to day managing of a team. And that’s on you if you are in charge of a team. But disrespect is something I will never tolerate in a business, regardless of scenario. Being disrespectful or selfish about what’s in your best interest versus what’s in the logo’s best interest as a whole: unacceptable. Letting your emotions get the best of you and talking down to someone or creating conflict: unacceptable. Being unable to talk to someone face-to-face when there is an issue, and instead creating gossip around them: no way.

You can be amazing at your job. You can bring in the best deals and the most money. But if you are unpleasant to work with, you’re losing. We are now in a world where we can’t ignore how tremendously important company culture is. It’s the backbone of a business’ success. And if someone on a team is acting in a way that disrespects that culture, I have no problem letting them know. It can seriously affect the productivity and success of a team if there is one person bringing the mood down. The project might get done, but at what cost?

And don’t forget this: everything stems from the top when it comes to culture. Set an example. Be the example. If you agree with me, say it. Make it happen for your company.

If you know someone in a toxic work environment, send this to them! Maybe it will help fix things… or maybe it will show them they need to be looking for somewhere else to work.