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We are two days away from Valentine’s Day, do you know what that means? It means that now is the perfect time to tell your friends, family, and co-workers just how much they mean to you. It’s always a good idea to lead with empathy and kindness, but on Valentine’s Day, take some extra time to show people you care. 

Of course, I’d be remiss not to mention it’s the premier holiday for romance. If you have someone special in your life, keep reading to find out the top 3 wines to pair with three classic meals.

Wine 1: Pinot Gris 

This one’s kind of like Pinot Grigio but you can get it from Oregon. It’s spicy, racy, and great with a seafood dish. Try this one from WineLibrary!


Wine 2: Barolo

It’s a smooth, silky red for all the Pinot Noir lovers, but with a little Italiano romance. Check out this one!


Wine 3: Late Harvest Riesling 

Now we’re talking dessert, sweet, cake–this wine will get you a little tipsy as you’re heading into your night. We have a few great ones at Wine Library, but this one is sure to bring a smile.