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I have found the secret to success.

Chances are you’ve been to a keynote (or watched one on YouTube) where a guru talked on and on about their “secrets.” Maybe it involved a morning routine. How they conduct business meetings. A really amazing smoothie they make.

All of that advice means nothing. No, seriously. Nothing. I wrote about why here.

The secret to success is much more simple. In fact, you have it already.

My success is a product of many things. Anyone’s success is. It has to do with skill. Resources. Time. But I truly believe that the number one thing has allowed me to get me to where I am today is how hard I work.

Not how much money. Not how much time. But how hard I work.

I owe an enormous part of that to my dad. If he hadn’t set that example early in my life, I don’t even know if I would possess the ability to think someone could work that hard. It would be unfathomable to me. I work nineteen hour days most days, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of what I get done.

I grew up poor. I sucked shit at school. Working hard was the only gear I had, because I had virtually nothing else. I knew that those obstacles would be extremely difficult to overcome. So I worked. Day in and day out.

I was hungry for success, and I knew that to get there, I just had to give it my all.

The secret to success is this: work harder. When you think you’ve worked your hardest, go even deeper.

Your biggest advantage is to be hungrier than your competitor. Apply your work ethic advantage. If you don’t come, you’ll come up short.

You might have eight hours in a work day. Or maybe twelve. Maybe you’re like me and you work sixteen to nineteen. But the amount of time isn’t the variable here. It’s what you do in that time. You can be working all day, but if you’re not working hard, it’s for nothing. Work five insane hours over sixteen soft ones any day.

This is the straightest road to success. Optimizing your time and working as hard as you can. When you do those two things, good shit happens.

Because working hard does something else too. It strengthens you.

Greatness comes from adversity. It comes from having to look something in the eye and deal with it. Go after it.

Inspire greatness in yourself by never letting yourself back down.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Do you agree? Disagree?