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Today is the day! My new book Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success is officially out in US and Canada!

As many of you know, the book was initially slated to come out on the 16th of this month – however there were many supply chain issues in the world that pushed back the release date. I’m so excited to hear what you think and I’m looking forward to you finally reading this book  – hit me up on Twitter and let me know your thoughts! 

A lot of you already ordered 12+ copies as part of the token drop offer period back around 8/28, but depending on how you like to consume information, you might want to also consider getting the Kindle or Audiobook versions (you’ll find the links below). Just like every one of my books, the audiobook is narrated by me and there are plenty of off-script moments and add-ons to what’s written on the pages. 

Check out the links below, and if you have any questions about your orders, the pre-sale, or the token drop, DM @RaghavHaran on Twitter.