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After the successful launch of VeeFriends, the 500 hours of research, and hundreds more hours spent in Discord groups of other NFT projects, I’m very excited to announce a brand new chapter in the VaynerX world. Introducing, VaynerNFT! 

VaynerNFT is the latest VaynerX venture and my next step in doubling down in the NFT space. I wholeheartedly believe that NFTs can simultaneously build brand value while delivering community value. This is why I’m launching this offering for everyone – intellectual property owners, personalities, athletes, celebrities, artists, brands, associations – as a way to help strategically map projects in the NFT space that align to value for their own communities. 

While I trust and believe in my blueprint for building an NFT project with real, lasting impact, I cannot do it without your help. That being said, if you’re a creative, a designer, a strategist, or just bullish on crypto, keep reading to learn how you can be a part of something special with VaynerNFT. 

Calling all Crypto Creatives!

The VaynerX family is dedicated to building the future of NFTs – partnering with celebrities and brands to make magic happen. Day in and day out, we propel some of the biggest IP owners in the world to the intersection of attention and culture. NFTs are the enterprise of the future, and we are here to help our clients navigate this exciting new world…with your help!.

Who are you?

An (aspirational) NFT enthusiast and ultimate team player who will create value in any situation. You understand creative problem solving and will be excited to use your skill set for engaging storytelling around NFTs. You may be an expert or a newbie, but either way, you have an undeniable zeal for all things non-fungible tokens.

You have a passion for design and a hunger to learn how to create pieces that drive engagement and extend brand experiences. You have a unique creative style and point of view, however, you also understand that good ideas can come from anywhere and are open-minded when working with teammates.

Who are we?

We are creators, creative industry rogues, and SuperBowl stars. We are not just on the internet; we are creating the stuff the internet wants to see. We’re insane for what we do and the people we do it with. We move so fast and make so much good shit that we can’t even keep up with ourselves. So, we need more folks just like us: the unconventional, less-obvious, unseasoned (or over seasoned) creative pros. But above all – passionate makers and culture shakers. Want in?

Submit an application to become a Crypto Creative with VaynerNFT:

We’re also looking for crypto strategists!

We’re looking for strategists native to crypto. Are you obsessed with NFTs? Do you get into real debates over your favorite L2? Do you want to work with some of the largest IP holders and help guide them on how to get involved in the crypto space in an authentic way? We’d love to hear from you! 

Fill out this form to apply to be a full-time NFT strategist with VaynerNFT:


Do you have a pre-seed crypto company that you want to pitch to me? I’m always looking for new businesses either for now or in the future.  Ideally you haven’t raised money or haven’t fully built the product yet – but we want to hear from you! 

Fill out this form to pitch me your pre-seed crypto company: