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I’m super aware that this may be one of the shortest blog posts I put out this year, but I have a funny feeling it might also be the most impactful.

This is something I say often.

Which is that, I feel as though, in a world where more and more everyday I’m being asked questions to help navigate, and figure out and dictate how people should feel and what they should do, I’ve found that this one little statement is basically the answer 94.2% of the time.

And that is, “What’s the alternative?”

There are so many people in the world that dwell about their circumstance of how they think it should be instead of how it actually is. They wonder what if and they don’t do. They ask me how to be happy, or how to work harder, or why they should do social media or why they should develop brand, or why they have to work so hard for their dream, or why it takes exercise to lose weight? And the answer simply is, “What’s the alternative?”

Don’t want to positive? Great, be negative.

Don’t want to work out? Great, be unfit.

Don’t want to work hard? Fine, be lazy.

Don’t want to be optimistic and believe good things will happen? Fine be pessimistic and think it’s over.

Don’t want to fight for your dream? Fine, give up.

It’s a basic fundamental truth. I mean, “What’s the alternative?”

Navigating our society and our lives with the hope of how it “should be” versus the way it actually is, is the quickest and least practical way to create success. This is something I say to myself every single day.

I am in control of my destiny. Nobody else. I get to decide how I react and how I respond, and the greatest motivator to inspire perspective is the simple statement “What’s the alternative?”

When you have nothing, you don’t get to be fancy, you don’t get to choose. What’s the alternative? Until you’re Oprah, or The Rock, or Zucks, you don’t get to call the shots. You just have to roll with the punches and use what you have to get to where you want to be.

If I don’t like something, I ask myself, “What’s the alternative?” Then I default into a binary decision to either do that alternative or not. Everybody’s upset about my positivity and my energy and my bravado… and the simple question I ask you is… What’s the alternative?

You have to sleep in the bed you create. You get to define your own reality.

So choose…