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A lot of people have been asking me lately why the vlog is so similar? They tell me it’s the same thing over and over and over again and they don’t get it. Well isn’t that the point?

Consistency is king.

That’s why I talk a lot about being all-time, not one-time. Anyone can make one vlog, or do one deal, or have one sale, but that’s not me. I want to be great. I want it every day, always, forever.

For the past 25 years, I have done nothing else but put in the work. And by the way, I’m just getting started 😉 Greatness is born from consistency. In doing what others aren’t willing to do. In being able to persevere and deliver time and time again. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to be patient, and fall in love with the process if you are going to win.

To me it’s what separates the leader from the pack. Are you willing to work every single day for 13 years before anyone knows your name? That’s what I did and will continue to do. The vlog is the same because it’s a document of my life as an entrepreneur. I run a business, I have meetings, I do speeches. What else do you expect? Of course it’s all the same. It’s the journey, never the destination.

The important part for me is that I am revealing the truth! The reality of entrepreneurship as clouds and dirt. So many of you think it’s all models and champagne and private jets… It’s not. It could be, but if it was, then you’re not really an entrepreneur, you’re in love with the image of entrepreneurship and fame. You’re not in it for the process and you’re going to lose. No one ever popped bottles and flew first class without an enormous amount of hard work. The question to me is do you want if for a year or do you want it for life? That’s what I have chosen to show.

The reason I do the vlog is to share the actual reality of what it takes to win. To create an eternal document of what it means to be an entrepreneur, businessman, and human. It’s the ultimate gift. For generations people will look back on my journey as an all-time hustler. No one can take that away. No one can question what I’ve done. It’s all there. It’s proof.

The 16-year-old growing up in 2055 will be watching my videos and see the entire 30 year journey of what I did to realize my dreams. To buy the Jets and win 6 super bowls. To build one of the biggest media empires of all time. And to do it with love, empathy and compassion.

I’m going to make the most difference, by setting an example and revealing the truth of how to actually live a good life. Of course you can write about, or talk about it, but I DO It. I live it every single day. It’s really never been done before. It’s an honor and I am grateful for the opportunity.

I just want the world to win. So instead of taking 15 minute meetings with every 19 year-old who likes entrepreneurship, I would rather document my life, and be an example for generations to come. The vlog is my way of being the world’s mentor. Of showcasing my life and grind for you to learn and improve. It’s my mission, my motivation, and my truth.

I am going to build the biggest building not by knocking people down, but by building others up. I’m going to do it with honey, not greed. I am going to do it everyday.

This is just the beginning. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

With love,




If you want to watch the vlog — click below 😉