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One of the things I do to scale my content is record my thoughts in memos and then share it with my team.

It was Stunwin before, now it’s India. Historically, it’s just been whoever is writing for my team. They transcribe whatever I say into a blog post and that allows me to scale that kind of content. I’m quicker in audio than I am in written word. Most of my books are done the same way. I record thoughts or I do three or four hour phone calls with my writer Steph Land. Anyway I can organize and record my thoughts and deliver it to them to turn into written word is important to me.

For that reason, I am personally very excited for Anchor, but also the enormous potential it has.  Anchor is an app that allows you to record and share soundbites of yourself talking. These soundbites are called “waves”. Anchor’s tagline is “The World’s First True Public Radio.” The ease of using the product and the concept behind it make me very excited for what it can be as a platform. My original thoughts, in all their randomness, can be done on Anchor, and then I merely forward it over to India and the rest of my team for a Medium or  blog post.

I’m going to try and use this platform as the basethe match that ignites the bigger pieces of content that we have been writing. I’m excited about this opportunity to have a platform that can keep records of what I’ve said and when I’ve said it as well.

This audio platform has me pumped and I’d love your thoughts on this process for creating content if you’ve been working similarly to me.
Oh, and of course, this post was an audio recording on Anchor before it was a blog post here 🙂 Check it out:

You can follow me on Anchor: find me by searching for Gary Vaynerchuk. 🙂