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Entrepreneurship has had an incredible rise in culture in the last 10 years, and so much good has come of it.

The rise of the internet has made becoming an entrepreneur so practical. We are all living through incredible, historic times right now.

However, when something becomes “cool”, we see an awful lot of people aspire to be something that often they are not. So many people aspire to become entrepreneurs, but they overlook self-awareness. That’s why everyone jumps in. Everyone thinks they are gonna be the next Kevin Rose, Mark Zuckerberg, or Sara Blakely.

It’s my belief that we are coming to an end of this “golden era” of the “new age” entrepreneur. But I’m optimistic.  What will rise is a “cleaning up” and a “reset.”

Many of you here reading this will be able to focus on building a long term business and company instead of focusing on raising rounds from VC’s and playing the role of CEO. You’ll actually become one 😉

The entrepreneur life is amazing. It’s all I’ve ever known. But my favorite part is the storms and tough times. I went through them in 2000 and 2001 with Wine Library, and I went through them again when we started VaynerMedia in 2009.

I’m excited to be a wartime general again sooner than later.

You can’t love this game when it’s just about parties, selfies, headlines, and cash. You have to equally love it when you have to “captain” your company through choppy waters, fire people, change your model, and live humbly.

I can’t wait.