Advice to NY Creative Interns

Posted by | September 16, 2013 | Motivational, Video | 10 Comments

This is less of a keynote, and more like 20 minutes of advice. I don’t usually get to talk to an audience like this, so it was a really awesome opportunity for me.

If you’re about to graduate I want you to seriously think about spending the next three to four years of your life trying to execute on your dream. This is literally the absolute best time to do it.

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  • Emily Miethner

    We are forever grateful you were able to talk to our community. Everyone adored this talk and it was the perfect way to kick off the event. So glad you enjoyed your time with us!

  • Urbivalist Dan

    For me, “Crush It” is still the most exciting and actionable message I’ve ever gotten from you.

    Very cool to see you in front of the peeps that actually have the “Crush It” opportunity in front of them moreso than many others you speak in front of…

    I wasn’t there, but I’m the 1. In 2010 a good friend of mine (and another of “the 1″) sent me your book and since that time, I’ve made close to 400 videos in my space. Up to about $700 a month and getting more opportunities all the time….

    many thanks bro,

    (The guy who called himself “Mancrush on Gary” in your 6 hour Q&A haha)

  • Brian R. King

    Absolutely Fantastic Gary :)

  • Greg B

    One of your best talks Gary! I’ll be sharing this with some other recent grads. People need to hear this.

  • Andy Josuweit

    Gary – You hit it right on the head with student loans. 2/3 college grads are strapped with $30k+ in student loan debt. The automatically puts you in a scarcity mindset vs. abundance/confidence to HUSTLE.

    Biggest lesson for young people is to realize YOU CAN AFFORD TO HUSTLE, yet still have time to recover is you fail early on.

    Let’s help young adults #crush their student loans! Check us out…

  • ioan pongrat

    Many thanks your prezentation …Romania

  • Avi

    This is awesome. Thanks Gary!

  • Spencer Hill

    At 49, thats the best advice to give anyone— especially someone who has to start over due to layoff or changing market conditions. Keep up the good work.

  • Crafted USA

    I have to share this with my 17 yr old son. Thanks Gary V!

  • Dilpreet Bhatia

    Just came here to say that I am inspired by your achievements.!!

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