Always Finish Things Off

I was up 5-2 in a tennis match today and it was Love-30 – he was serving. And I lost 7-5.

Two days ago, I was playing AJ in corn-hole. I was up 13-0 in a game to 15 in the third game of a three game series. And he came back and won.

These two comebacks and my lack of concentration to finish people off is totally unacceptable and crushes my soul. And now, my competitive spirit is at an all time high to never let it happen again. I am very upset. I am sorry to myself and to my family. Don’t let this happen to you. Always concentrate and finish things off.

  • Damon Pettit

    Definitely one of the most competitive people I have seen as well as someone that hold an extra high standard for everything you do. Its what makes you so good. Cheers!

  • Almerindo De Palma

    Defeats are great to promote weakness assessments. Also great to increase next battle’s joy in victory. There will always be defeats in one’s way, and it is up to him to consider it a loss or a gain! Agree?

  • LifeLeaps

    Interesting how people approach this. Some don’t let setbacks get them down and for others, feeling down is the ultimate motivator. Given Gary’s success, there’s living proof that both work. Thank goodness for that!

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