How One Phone Call Got Me An Advocate For Life

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It doesn’t take long to make an impact!Some people go through their entire lives without making any impact.

  • Scott Asai

    Cool testimonial. It’s not about the quantity, but the quality of an interaction.

  • gyfooma the dotcomgal

    gary heheh where was i im an advocate for life anywho but would have loved to engage via telephone here is a cell 1-860-503-7079

  • Cyndi

    I googled “inspirational blogs” after reading your book and finishing it yesterday. And, I’ll be damned, your blog was one of the first that came up in search results! Thank you for the inspirational read – and your videos. I promise I was following your advice when your page came up – ha!
    It’ll be awesome and interesting to see when/if you’re able to comment here. I know you said in your book that you respond to every comment, even if it takes a couple of months. That’s great – and admirable.
    For my own blog, I first pigeon-holed myself into “just photography.” Then I did photography and art. Then I added inspirational writing and spirituality. Finally, I just embraced it all and my personal brand does reflect a hodgepodge of interests. I’ve been at it 2.5 years, screwed up and learned along the way, and don’t have tons of followers yet. But you know what? I still love it. I’m a turtle, I know. I’ve got patience, like you say. Haven’t even really monetized, yet – I liked your advice there. And since I don’t have many followers, it’s given me confidence to develop my brand.
    Your book, however, inspired me to just embrace my entire brand – hodgepodge interests and all. I get that you were most likely talking about a more singular topic (the Wine TV one is definitely a singular topic) and perhaps I’m all watered down. But you inspired me with another line about how Oprah has a unique personal brand and she didn’t back down from that.
    So, thank you for all the awesome advice and even after blogging for awhile, I learned quite a few tips from you. Thank you so much!

  • AlexHammer

    Agreed. It’s all about the value provided.

    You have a nice personal touch.

  • ianmcc

    I love this clip cuz I AM THIS GUY he’s talking about!

  • darwisbong

    completely agree !
    By jam tangan pria

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