How to Piss Me Off with One Simple Question

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  • Crystal Foth

    This is my absolute favorite video clip. So meaningful and true. Everyone IS relevant.

  • Christian Newman

    The question was phrased in a way that leads me to believe the one who asked it is only interested in being known. While it helps to be known, it’s more important to be trusted – something that requires you to listen and respond to everyone as individuals.

  • David Cunningham

    Gary I love how you responded to this question. To me, it was a very appropriate response. I also hate it when someone tries to make it sound like some people are more relevant then others, it is degrading, upsetting, and devaluing them as a person. Everyone and I do mean EVERYONE, brings value to our lives, it is up to each and everyone of us to recognize it and then let that person know they are of value to us. Once again, great response Gary. I learn a lot from you and your blog and it actually helps make my blog, Up Next at that much better. So thank you!

  • Robin Odell

    Remarkably calm and well-put response to a seriously douchey question. It’s one thing to wonder if people think crap like this but to actually hear it is just terrible. At what point do people begin to lose their humanity: is it a dollar amount, a specific title, or just a “special” type of person? Either way, I’d like to hope your response was heard and understood. Thanks for the post.

  • Terry

    That was great, acting like a human being wins every time. Also, it’s never about who you know, it’s about who you know, who knows someone else, who trusts their relationship with you enough to put your name forward…and you’ll never get that without being acting like a human being. Great content, always worth watching and listening to.

  • Doc Sheldon

    Gary, I think the only thing that could have made your response any better would be to have closed it with “Now would two audience volunteers be so kind as to escort this douchebag outside. He can return if and when HE learns how to be ‘relevant’. ”

    I’ve met a lot of people in my six decades on this rock and every single one of them knew something I didn’t. Every single one of them could teach me something, provided I was ready and willing to learn. And I’m sure that a good number of them thought I was irrelevant. So to Alexander, I’d say “how do you intend to BE truly relevant to the people you meet? THAT’S where you should start.”

  • Tara Woodruff

    bringing the boomGary!

  • Graeme


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