My Thoughts on Vine vs. Instagram Video

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Just the other day I was talking about “Why Not Both” when it comes to quality, quantity, and content. And today I’m making a quick little video because I feel like a lot of people are asking me questions about what happend today which was that Fast Company reported that I’m working on another agency called Grape Story to represent Vine celebrities, which is true, and then on the same day Facebook and Instagram announcing that they’re doing 15 second videos on their platform…

  • ceceliajernegan

    Great video as usual. short, sweet and 2 the point! thank u

  • ric hansen

    Way to ride the fence.

    • garyvaynerchuk

      actually I think its a bold stance! I mean it

  • justsayinghere

    Like Always: GaryV Walking his talk.
    Thanks for sharing & existing.

  • rodriguez247

    One of my favorite quotes of yours is “Some guy bought 10,000 horses the day before Henry Ford created the assembly line. That guy lost.” I understand why you’re sitting on that fence, but realize that Vine has to prove that there’s room for it in the short video market, that up until now it monopolized. It’s got some very valid competition. I have both apps, and I’m not discarding Vine just yet, it’s just that Instagram has made their move, it’s now Vine’s move.

    • Roberto Certain

      Vine is more socialy adapted towards video than instagram. Users can become famous something that is currently only happening with models and artist at instagram.

      • Roberto Certain

        Think in vine as a culture towards good video clips and instagram as a place for selfie’s and photo lovers. Totally different right now. At the end who better adapts toward making video viral will win.

  • Eric Vu Tran

    I think Instagram videos is gonna win out in the end, IMHO. Fifteen seconds isn’t much longer and still in the short-form category with Vine. Since IG has a much larger base 100 million users vs 13 million. Also, convenience is another factor IG has going for it. It’s probably much easier to switch back & forth from videos and photo taking w/ IG, and to have it all in one place.

    • garyvaynerchuk

      solid POV

  • Kim Garst ツ

    I agree wholeheartedly, Gary. Thanks for, as usual, giving us the reality check on social media!

  • Andrew Lowe

    Butter or margarine, Gary. Butter or margarine!

  • Jason HeadsetsDotCom

    Totally agree. This to me is exactly like YouTube and Vimeo.

  • igobydoc

    I agree on why not both. Will be interesting to see how adoption goes. Vine is a great app, but buggy for me at times. If Instagram can create a better experience, they may win my vote. But I do like how Vine is tied into Twitter, and seeing how Instagram is not previewing now in Twitter, one can assume the video will not either. Both have a place in my book.

  • @kylereed

    Just like what you said about Medium. Spot on again Sir.

    Different platforms allow us to tell different stories.

  • Gerry Carrillo

    I totally agree with you. It’s the like choosing Carls Jr. or Jack in the Box, same but different.

    • garyvaynerchuk


  • Ethan keeps coming back to mind every time vine / instagram video comes up.
    before their time…

  • folk

    I think this video makes sense. As for me very interesting! essaycollege

  • Ryan xRyZ Robinson

    I honestly think both will win as well. The storytelling is different and also for me personally I have been able to build quite a following on vine already so just like any other social media I plan on using all of them

  • Cambrell

    IMHO I think the users of instagram will be too ‘cool’ to step out of the box and do some of the creative things we are seeing on Vine. Plus Instagram doesnt have the advantage of being the new kid on the block anymore. Only time with tell.

  • Sedruola Noel Maruska

    I’m going to agree with you on this video but mostly because being an Android platform user I was only able to get on both video platforms recently. That means I’m starting at the same place with both. The difference I’ve already experienced is that I find it easy to jump on IG to get the video done and not as easy on Vine for my Android. I am, however, going to keep my eyes open and keep playing with both cause I do love the short video format!

  • SebRusk

    Posting on both is the answer. More content, more platforms.

  • ceceliajernegan

    Gary V is visionary …watch him if u r running a businees into todays world….he rocks!

  • Almerindo De Palma

    One thing for sure: vine vs. instagram -> the users win!

  • Desert Friends

    Hey Gary! Check out the World’s First Instagram TV Show! SciFi adventures!! -

  • avisala

    Watch them both plus the new mixbit at then decide which one is the best.

  • AMS

    Thank you for not getting stuck in the “either/or” thinking paradigm. Way too many people automatically think in this mode. I still do sometimes and try to catch myself when I do. It’s a very limited way of thinking, and therefore, of perceiving the world around you.

  • FailHouseTV

    must see!…

    and + subscribe! :)

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