Q&A Session with Contently

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0:50 – How do you provide context with data?
8:00 – Why should a brand have a voice?
10:15 – How important is it to be authentic? How does a brand stay consistent in it?
12:02 – How do you minimize a client’s fear that your work on social might damage their brand?
15:08 – How do you balance the authenticity of a brand’s story, and the way you have to translate it for social platforms?
19:41 – What is the value of access, and how do you provide it?
21:41 – What is the next thing that content creators should be focusing on?
25:31 – How do you avoid fatigue on all these social networks?
26:51 – What do you tell your clients when they want a “viral meme right now!”?
27:38 – How can a consultant get the resources to execute against all these concepts?

  • Wasim Osman

    Great answers Gary, its strange that people just dont get it, execution and context, your message is so clear, its just effort that is lacking in this world

  • Brad Seraphin

    “piss the shit out of me” lol

  • http://innovint.us Ashley DuBois

    Damn honest. So refreshing.

  • http://www.stephenierodriguez.com./ Stephenie Rodriguez

    Thanks Gary for calling a spade a spade once again. I too hate the fucking middle. (I also shared this on with my clients!)

  • Anthony Thompson ©

    Thank you so much for sharing. I caught something in there that is easily worth $8,000 in information. Can’t wait to catch a good drop with yah in Sydney. Cheers.

  • Bill

    Some great and valuable information. I get so much from listening to GaryV. Thanks for continuing to share your great ideas with the marketing world.

  • Jonathan Scott

    Ha ha great work Gazza! so good

  • http://vanilladigital.ph/ Lace Llanora

    Someone turn this into a poster with Gary V’s feisty face: Don’t be lazy about social media marketing!

  • brandonlife

    Every person who wants to go into marketing should watch this. So much good info. Thanks, Gary!

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