Talking with Marie Forleo About the Future of Social Media

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Marie is my girl! We got into some great real-talk about dealing with haters, which does a really good job summing up what I think about getting criticized on the internet. But don’t take my word for it, take a look at what people are saying in the comments:

26 mins of fast pace genius from +Gary Vaynerchuk prompted by Marie Forleo

- Bob Barker

Best 28 minutes you’ll spend learning about social media marketing

- Kapil Jekishan

And my personal favorite:

I have never been a +Gary Vaynerchuk fan. No matter how much I read about him, or read and tried to watch him, it just didn’t work for me. I’m not a prude, but I had a hard time hearing his message because of all the f-bombs he laid out. But I can truly say, I really enjoyed this interview with +Marie Forleo – and plan on getting his new book. I felt Gary’s heart in this interview and it made a difference. It’s just shy of 30 minutes, but well worth your time.

- Denise OBerry

  • Ty

    Gary V! Started following you when I first saw you in Columbus, OH at the Verve Leadership Academy. Haven’t had the chance to pick up your book yet but definitely am going to. Appreciate all of your jabs!

  • Richard Krawczyk “Mr Blueprint

    Great interview

  • SebRusk

    EXCELLENT piece Gary and Marie!! #SocialMediaSUCKS (If you don’t know what you’re doing!) ;)

  • Jeremy Aragon

    damn…was hoping Marie would do a lil twerking at the end :/

  • jerges

    I was looking forward to the dancing!?!

  • Julia C. Campbell

    Here is my “jab” – I don’t really have a “right hook” yet but I’m working on it! Let me know what you think!

  • Norman Prather

    Lost me at “guilt people into buying my things” excellent reason never to do business with him.

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