The Day I Discovered the Internet

Posted by | May 11, 2014 | Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Otherwise known as: The day my life changed forever. Also shout-out to anybody who remembers that modem sound. You can hear it in your head right now, can’t you?

  • Scott Asai

    Yup, I remember AOL and until it was $20/month unlimited you would get killed! How far online marketing has come now…

  • mediarelationsteam

    My Friend still had her AOL account in 2002, but I personally didn’t have a computer until, 2003, Crazy Huh,?! I am a late starter I guess you can say, but my Mom was cheap =( I probably would have been watching Gary V’s Wine Library, way back in the day..

  • Muriel Rosilio
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