What to Avoid when Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk

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This is such a classic. I love you, Jeff, but you presented me with the ultimate example of what NOT to do.

This was back before I started using phrases like Jab and Right Hook. Jeff should have Jabbed a few times ;)

  • DavidPylyp

    Love listening to Gary Vaynerchuk! Incredibly direct with a smattering of coloured #&^$*Q&$^ Language to help make a point. The Thank you economy is reliant upon you giving more before you ask in return.

    Works for me!

    David Pylyp
    Living #bythewater in Toronto

  • http://www.HarmonyNZ.net/ Lynn Abate-Johnson

    OMG, love this! One of my favorite clients and I were just discussing a similar theme today – about how we portray ourselves “out there” in the world and how we are committed to saying it like it REALLY is. You’re right,@GaryVee, that guy should have JJJ or at least JJ before he tried to close on ZERO relationship at all. GREAT real-life example. Did you get those candy bars in NYC yet?

  • http://www.fineartmom.com/ Crystal Foth

    I love it Gary… can’t wait to see you in person one of these days!!! Awesome 2 minutes.

  • The Mia Connect

    @garyvaynerchuk:disqus haha this is AWESOME! #BigFuckingNO 2 seconds of “I like you” and then full on d-bag. Thanks for the heads up on this @lynnabatejohnson:disqus !!

  • http://growingforward.net Scott Asai

    Nice try, but Gary stays real to who he is!

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