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If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already tuned into the new series I’ve been doing – #MorningWalkTalk. It’s pretty much just me chatting during my morning walks and filling you guys in on whatever’s currently on my mind. 

That being said, enjoy these quick takeaways from every walk talk I’ve done so far!

3/28 – Say “maybe.” Lean into curiosity.

3/29 – Deploy gratitude when things are good. Deploy patience and perspective when things are bad.

3/30 – Your parents had parents too. Have empathy and compassion for them.

4/1 – Love YOUR brain. You may not be good at this, but you may be good at that. 

4/2 Kindness starts at home. Be kind to yourself first.

4/3 – Find the balance between humility and confidence.

4/4 – Leaders, enough using negativity to get an outcome. Lead with love and positivity. 

4/5 – Get off that “yenta life.”

4/7 – We can disagree and still be kind to each other.

4/8 – “I don’t know” is powerful.

4/10 – Stop confusing “patience” and “complacency.” 

4/11 – I challenge you to do ONE act of random kindness today.

4/12 – Take risks. Don’t think “what might go wrong.” Think, “what will go right?” 

4/13 – Appreciation for compassion.

4/14 – Balancing energies. Being able to carry opposite feelings is a strength.

4/16 – Emotional quick decisions and lack of patience are causing a lot of people self esteem and financial issues.

4/18 – Don’t let anybody talk you out of your own dreams. They don’t know you!

4/19 – Regardless of what you think or what “they think,” the score is gonna be the score… so just go fucking play.

4/20 – Your obsession with yesterday is why you don’t love every day of your life.

4/21 – Cynicism is easy. Optimism is hard.

4/22 – Gratitude is an incredible fuel for everything.

4/25 – Monday mornings are an opportunity to reflect and be honest with ourselves.

4/26 – Tenacity… if you want it, you gotta go get it.

4/27 – Being very adaptable is grounded in self love and self confidence.

4/28 – I just want to say thank you. 

4/30 – The real meaning of being the bigger person.

5/2 – It’s about “with” instead of “versus.”

5/3 – Love 2 people today… starting with yourself.

5/4 – Practicing the exercise of nice gestures brings a lot to one’s life.

5/6 – Don’t beat yourself up.

5/10 – Jury Duty…and take a deep breath.