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Yesterday we finished our last 4Ds (Daily Digital Deep Dive) of 2018. A program we launched only 18 months ago on the thesis that we would be able to raise the collective IQ and EQ of operators, entrepreneurs, founders, and businesses by spending the day with them at VaynerMedia offices. It’s just that simple.

With the backbone of the programing in digital marketing, and supporting sessions in company culture, emerging technology, and a Q&A session with me, we’ve been able to build the framework for something much bigger that I’m excited to announce in 2019 😉 What we’re getting ready to launch is really going to make a difference for small to mid-market businesses and I’m mentioning it because it has been substantially predicated from our insights and findings during 4Ds sessions.

Since we launched 4Ds, over 350 4Ds alumni have been through the program, a conservative number but a sample size large enough to give us real data on the current obstacles and challenges businesses are facing. Ecommerce businesses, consumer packaged goods, B2B, real estate, retail, service industry, fashion, insurance, auto, pharma, from $1M to $100M annually, we’re seeing and tasting all of it.

On average, We’re running 2 sessions a month, mostly in New York City, and up until now we’ve been tweaking and adjusting the programming, case studies, and subject matter to get to a point where we’ll be able to fully prove out that original thesis. What we’ve found is that in order for us to best serve the 4Ds community and bring value in every session, we need to keep it “intimate”. We need to go deep not wide.

Which is why we’re raising the price of 4Ds from $10K per seat to $12K per seat at the end of March 2019, two years after our very 1st session. When we first launched the program I knew we needed to create something worth $10K of value that wasn’t dependent on me. It was the subject experts in media, creative, strategy, voice, influencers, platforms, and personal branding from the VaynerMedia team that would give 4Ds attendees the tools and insights they’d need to quantify their investment. It was the resources, the alumni community, and the life line connection to VaynerMedia that would prove to be more valuable than the time spent with me. We want to go deep not wide. We want to build out a growth trajectory for businesses that enter the 4Ds eco-system and a portfolio of services to match. It’s my disappropriate ambition that we far exceed in value the cost of the $12K investment.

In 2019 we’re taking 4Ds on the road, LA, Miami, Chattanooga, London, and with potential to host private sessions for companies globally. And while I can’t tell you quite yet what we’ll be launching in 2019, I can assure you that being apart of the 4Ds alumni community will become a lot more valuable.

To see upcoming 4Ds dates, visit and to get a glimpse of what’s going on in these sessions, check out the latest episode of Inside 4Ds on the podcast.

I want to leave you with this, there’s an inscription on the inside of the notebook that the OG 4Ds alumni got, this is what it says…

Thank you so, so much for participating in VaynerMedia’s Daily Digital Deep Dive.

Not only am I excited about this new program at VaynerMedia but I am incredibly humbled that you’ve taken the time out of your busy lives to spend it here with us at VM.

As I’ve communicated before, I hope the value you get from this day far exceeds the financial commitment it took to get here. I hope more than anything, that you leave equipped with the tools to take your ambitions to the next level and that you met some amazing people along the way.

And, as some of you may have heard in my content before, you can sit through all the conferences, take all the classes, read all the books, but nothing will ever come about unless you DO.

Remember as far as we know, we’ve only got one shot at this. Let’s make it worthwhile.