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Update February 2019: We are no longer running #60SecClub 


If you aren’t following me on Instagram, you probably don’t know about the #60SecClub!

Here’s the deal: I want to reward the hardcore fans of my community. It’s just another way I can give back and reward all of you who devote your attention and care about my content.

How it Works

Over the past year I’ve been doing random giveaways to my community for anyone who likes and comments within the first 60 seconds of my post.

Giveaways have ranged from books and t-shirts, to 5 minute Facetimes, to occasional gadgets, all the way to personalized trips, 30 minute meetings and shadowing me for a full day at VaynerMedia.

And now that my sneakers are out, you could win those too 😉

Here are a few fun things I have recently given away:

  • Free swag.
  • Signed books
  • Facetimes with me
  • Random swag from popcorn to iPhones
  • Shadowing me at VM for a day

Basically, anything that’s hot and in the moment. And yes, if it’s going somewhere the flights will probably be included… 😉

How can you win?

People who are eligible to win have to like and comment on my Instagram post within the first few minutes after I post it (ideally it would be within the first minute, but sometimes Instagram has delayed notifications). Also, add the hashtag #60SeccClub in your comment.

Check out this video to see it in action:

If you win, you’ll get a special prize and your comment will be featured in my Instagram stories.  

So, you probably want to set up notifications on Instagram

No, you really want to set up notifications.

Here’s a recent meeting with a 60secclub winner!