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Gary dropped some insightful gems on school and education in today’s DailyVee that set the theme for this episode:

If you’re stressing about tests in school, you’re more likely to grow up and stress out about other “micro” goals that just don’t matter. You might become the type of person who’s trying to win awards instead of chasing “macro” goals like happiness.

Becoming a successful human being is about going beyond the “micro” and into the “macro.”

“The sooner you stop stressing about tests in school is the beginning of you navigating a happier life.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

In DailyVee 555, Gary crushed a bunch of meetings in NYC fresh off the first Trash Talk of 2019. You’ll see some glimpses of Trash Talk 4 being produced, and some powerful meetings with some young entrepreneurs.

Here are some time stamps of fun moments you can skip to:

2:39: Why Gary doesn’t stop at yellow lights (life advice, not driving advice)

3:40: Behind the scenes moments from Trash Talk 4

4:36: The only thing Gary has done wrong

7:19: The value of authenticity, and what Gary really wants for his audience

9:47:  The real reason Gary loves baseball cards.