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In DailyVee 556, Gary talks about the impact of artificial intelligence on the world.

At the end of the day, technology eliminates commodity. That means that AI will “free” us up to do more meaningful work and things that make more of a difference, even if it does cause some short term pain. It’s all about perspective.

Gary starts the day holding some internal meetings in LA, then flies to Vegas for a keynote where he talks about his POV on AI and how it can improve our inefficiencies. You’ll also see his reaction to the NBA Draft Lottery, as well as an Instagram clip that you might recognize from his feed 🙂

Here are some interesting moments you can skip to:

1:17: What inspires Gary to keep grinding everyday

2:53: Gary’s reaction to the NBA Draft Lottery

4:57: Gary’s honest POVs on artificial intelligence and its impact on society

6:28: The only class in school where Gary did well

9:42: Gary’s advice on prioritizing your time