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A little over a year ago, I launched YummyText for my dad. It was similar to WineText but specialized in providing high quality, gourmet food (at an affordable price) to people who would appreciate it. Since then, this service has blown up, allowing us to expand our offerings and who we’re able to serve. Now we’re expanding again…check out YummyText if you’re…

A person who LOVES food

This service is for food enthusiasts– the people who love good food, convenience, and don’t like the overpriced options they might find in the store. For example, our recent deal on Parmigiano Reggiano takes 15% less out of your pocket than the leading discount store (and tastes 100% better). YummyText offers premium olive oil, cheese, chocolate, wine, and so much more! You can elevate your go-to recipes with our exclusive selection of rare sauces and patsas. Or, you can try something new by checking out our Instagram page for recipes and the deal of the day. 

A person with a small business/ speciality store

Maybe you’re more of a behind the scenes person? Do you have a great store or product that you know could help the next great chef take their recipe to the next level? If so, email Brandon Warnke at or hit up Brandon on Twitter. We always look forward to partnering with small businesses with exceptional products. 

Really serious about some of the amazing products we offer

Maybe you don’t like cooking and you don’t have an interest in gourmet food–but you know someone that does. If that’s the case, sign up and you may find the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for the emerging Gordan Ramsey in your life. Fill out this form to receive texts from us. Of course, if this isn’t for you then definitely don’t sign up (it costs money to send these texts 😅). 

As always, stay well, and I hope to hear from you soon.