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Let’s talk about Netflix, the streaming giant, and movie theaters.

Recently, I had an interview with Drew Barrymore about the future of the movie industry, specifically the movie theater industry. Over the next decade or two, I think you’re gonna see a lot of innovation in the movie theater world. However, I think the quantity execution by Netflix is brilliant. It’s possibly enough to give movie theaters a run for their money. Here’s the thing, Variety is reporting that Netflix will release 70 new movies this year. Now the question isn’t if movie theaters come back or not. The question is, are we going to rely on streaming services entirely? 

I go on to say that, we’re humans. We need each other, we’re yearning for our lives to go back to normal. Sure, it will be a little weird when we get fully back to normal. It’s like coming back from summer vacation and going back to school. Movie theaters can come back but they need to innovate. These movies that Netflix is gonna put out are gonna be remarkable. Also, it’s cozy in your home and the popcorn is not as expensive…I mean, why can’t a movie night be 100 bucks? It could be similar to a Broadway show, but you would go to dinner upstairs and see the movie afterwards.

I think that in Hollywood, and in creative land in general, we demonize quantity. We say what about quality? Well, quality is subjective. You either like it or you don’t. But quantity is not subjective so while Netflix puts up all these movies and their competitors put up far less, it gives Netflix many more “at bats” to hit the homerun that Queen’s Gambit was. 

Overall, I think quantity is demonized in creative landscapes and it should not be in an internet, infasecure world. 

What are some innovations you’d like to see in movie theaters? Let me know in the comments down below.