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I’m super aware that this will probably be one of shortest blog posts I ever create, but it also might be one of the most impactful.

Look, this is real shit. I’m not saying these are small things. These are the hardest things in life.

Here’s my question. Life is about alternatives. You either dwell on your circumstances for the rest of your days and decide the reason you weren’t successful is because you grew up in a bad neighborhood, or your parents had money and you we’re too soft to work, or your friends were ahead of you, or you didn’t go to the best school, get the best internship, or have the most supportive family or friends. 

But here’s the big truth and the decision you have to make. What the fuck are you gonna do about it? I wrote this post because I want you to default into saying “And?”

You have to understand that there is no alternative. You have to put that chip on your shoulder and use it to get more motivated to go harder. You either dwell, or you use “And?” to realize everyone’s got shit that they have to overcome. Read this 8x if you have to. I really want you to win. 

Get into the mindset of “And? .. Ask yourself, “What’s the alternative?”

I love you all.

Thanks for reading.