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For a long time, I’ve been thinking about doing a Q&A show called Tea With GaryVee.

With my schedule and other things, it just didn’t work out — I never got around to doing it. But during this challenging current time here in late March where we’re all working from home, I thought I’d set aside some time and really do some deep Q&A for everybody and bring some value!

Some moments below from my 2 hr Q&A on 3/23 – hope you enjoy!

1:01 — How do you keep your clients calm and motivated to do business while being empathetic to the current situation? 

8:02 — What’s the best on getting clear on what you really want in life? 

19:08 — How do instill a sense of gratitude in kids?

26:49 — “I started an ant farm competition on TikTok…”

39:28 — How do I market a business in the exotic animal hobby space?

50:19 — How do you determine content quality vs quantity?

55:37 — Should I expand when there’s a contraction?

1:08:25 — How do you sell to businesses affected by an economic downturn while being empathetic to their situation?

1:19:05 — How can fiction writers expand their audience and get more book sales?

1:26:42 — “How do I balance following my passion while planning to support a future family?”

1:48:14 — How can a small agency get clients in this economic contraction?

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