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#AskGaryeVee Episode 40: Prioritizing Your Time & Hooking Up

By November 6, 2014No Comments2 min read

#QOTD: Want to win a dinner with me? I need you to predict how many episodes of the #AGV show we’ll wind up producing once this is all said and done. Those that guess right will be selected to have dinner with me. Deal?

00:33 – I like how you talk about execution in business, how do you prioritize which project to execute first?
01:42 – Before you had an assistant, how did you structure your day?
02:59 – If you were to jump into a time machine, travel back to speak to your 21 year old self, and only have 1 minute. What do you say?
03:43 If your dad Sasha would have ended up in construction how do you think it would affect your life, without wine library?


They way I prioritize my time is by making the best judgment call possible in that particular moment in time. I frame my process by selecting two sides of the spectrum: What’s the most on fire and needs to be tended to immediately, and what are the more high-level ideas that I can work on and flesh out?

I’ll take care of things like employee issues or client concerns (the biggest and most time-sensitive problems) and balance it by going on the offense on the things with the biggest upside, like company culture, visions for the future, buying the Jets ;), etc.

I never focus on anything in the middle. VaynerNation, I warn you, the MIDDLE is DANGEROUS. Stay away.