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#QOTD, from India: What are your Memorial Day weekend plans?

1:32 – What kind of headlines attract you on social media?
3:30 – Why is twitter so much like a wall in a public bathroom?
4:45 – What are some easy ways to become more self-aware?
7:50 – Like why is my dad following me on instagram? Like no that’s not unacceptable.
9:43 – How do you balance speed/hustle and patience


I would argue that Twitter is, in fact, NOT like a wall in a public bathroom. The app Secret was more like that, because you didn’t know who was writing what. What’s scarier is that people are putting their names behind these comments on Twitter that maybe aren’t such great things to say in the first place. Twitter is more of a cocktail party where people are making statements; or maybe a gathering of friends. Less so like a bathroom stall. To me, the bathroom stall is Secret, or Yik-Yak. Anonymous apps. You write something that nobody can attribute to you.