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#QOTD, PART 1: What are your weekend plans?
#QOTD, PART 2: What has been your favorite website or app over the last sixty to seventy days?

21:31 – What is your favorite swear word of all time?
3:22 – As a guy who loves hustle AND people… what is the “unforgivable sin” one of your employees could make?
6:18 – What has been your biggest failure that turned out to be a success?
10:22 – If you are in a wholesale business, where volume is more important than content, how would you take advantage of social media?
14:13 – Do companies that use social media in their marketing have a responsibility to help us find a balance between being offline and online? Should they help us unplug more or is it entirely the responsibility of the user?

21:07 – Winners of the contest announced!