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HOMEWORK OF THE DAY: Go check out Medium and Tumblr if you haven’t.
STATEMENT OF THE DAY: How do you like the 12th floor setting?

2:22 – Were you ever reckless with any of your businesses? Flowers, baseball cards, wine, etc…
3:50 – 1st Glenn Beck and now the Kardashians. Are subscription media sites the next celeb frontier? And will you have one?
6:42 – My girlfriend of 4+ years and I just broke up, and I’m feeling depressed as fuck. For the last 4 years, I’ve had someone to talk to about literally everything in my life, and now, that’s gone. I feel empty. I feel a void. I feel blank. Got any advice on how to pick the pieces of my life back up?
10:11 – Is Medium the new Tumblr? What happened to Tumblr anyway?
12:58 – How would you best deal with vulturous unethical investors? Would you put them on blast?