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STATEMENT OF THE DAY: Give me your feedback on the show today! 🙂

4:09 – I’m new to Medium, how do I build a community on it? Jab jab jab & hopefully someone notices?
6:30 – How do I create value in the services I provide for clients who are in the same market, while also still respecting their competitive advantage?
8:57 – One time I farted in math class and everyone froze to figure out who did it. Do you have an embarrassing moment?
12:06 – I have Vodka Energy. It’s an alcoholic beverage. I don’t drink. How do I market with out telling lies?
14:38 – Why did you stop adding on extra podcast content at the end of the show, and why did it have to stop right as I was making the transition?!?! I was super psyched to be able to get in on additional content for listening on other platforms. What’s with that?