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#QOTD: What is your truth? Who are you at the truest level?


Jets – 16
Texans – 13

1:48 – Apart from consistency, what’s the smallest routine that’s made the biggest difference to the #AskGaryVee show since starting?
4:14 – Adele’s new album isn’t streaming anywhere. Is she romantic about selling albums, or leveraging people to buy music?
10:45 – Do you think it’s important for agency leaders to be active on social? Do you weigh that when hiring a leader at Vayner?
12:06 – You say that ideas are shit and execution is the name of the game, but to many of us they’re one and the same. Since you’ve had so many in your career, when was the last time you were really pumped about a big idea?
15:56 – How do I stop my competition from telling blatant lies about my business, without stooping to their level?